‘You were the only one who came and talked to me that day’, beautifully dressed in the makeup of a close friend; Ch


Dear Warrior and Friend / Instagram

T Priya Warrier’s new photoshoot pictures are now going viral on social media. There is another person who is full of love in glamorous looking pictures. Hrishik, Priya’s best friend since school days. Priya was groomed by a friend who is a makeup artist. He also took the pictures.

Among the favorite pictures is the black deep neck dress. Statement makeup is given with emphasis on eye makeup. The actress shared the pictures under the caption ‘Pictures taken by my best friend’. Hrishikum has also posted pictures of Priya. The post is about the two’s friendship of six years.

Read the post; We started dreaming about becoming an actress and I becoming a designer six years ago. I’m glad to know that we are on the right track, even though we may not have realized that. I am proud of everything we have done, achieved and dreamed of. I remember that time when I was kicked out of school. When the whole school was talking about me that day, you were the only one who came up to me and talked. You said you would be with me. You have been keeping that promise for six years. I thank you. I love you