You have only reproduced 2, why envy those who have 20, who have more rations: Uttarakhand CM Tirath Rawat

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat said on Sunday that people with fewer “units (family members)” ended up receiving fewer government rations during the Covid-19 lockdown compared to those who had “reproduced 20”, thus creating “jealousy”. was their fault for not reproducing enough.

Addressing an event on International Day of Forests in the Nainital district, he added that people have never had such good quality rice and some have even stored and sold it.

“… Har ghar mein per unit of 5 kilos of ration dene ka kam kiya. Jiske 10 thai toh 50 kilo aa gaya, 20 thai toh quintal aa gaya, 2 thai toh 10 kilo aa gaya. Login do store bana liye, kharidar saamne dhoondh liye. Itna badhiya chawal aaya kabhi apne aap bhi liya nahin saamanya jeevan ke liye
(Each household received a ration of 5 kg per unit. Those with 10 units have 50 kg, those with 20 units one quintal and those with two units have 10 kg. People have built stores and found customers. in the neighborhood. The rice they got was of such good quality that they would never have had the same life in a normal life) ”, the new CM, fights controversy over his attack on women for wearing ripped jeans, mentionned.

In the speech which was later removed from his Facebook account, Rawat said the difference in the allocation of rations created “jalan (jealousy)”. “… Ki mujhe at 2 hain at 10 kilo mila, 20 wale ko quintal kyun mila?” Bhaiyya ismein dosh kiska? Usne 20 paida kiya, aapne 2 paida kiye, to usko ek quintal mil raha, ab ismein jalan kahe ka? Jab samay tha to aapne 2 hi paida kiye, 20 kyun nahi kiya (… that I have 2 family members, so I have 10 kg, those who have 20 units have a quintal. But whose fault is it ? The one who reproduced 20 got a quintal, you only reproduced two. Why jealously about that? When there was time, you only reproduced two, why not 20)?

Rawat added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made sure everyone was treated equally during the lockdown, and that without his leadership India would have been hit hard by Covid-19. He gave the example of America’s high coronavirus death toll, saying India has performed better than the United States despite being its “ghulam (slave)” for 200 years.
Rawat said Modi will not only continue as prime minister, but also rule the world in the future.

Forestry Minister Harak Singh Rawat, BJP deputies, forestry department and district administration officials attended the event.

Criticizing Rawat’s remarks, Congress said, “When the country is faced with the population problem and governments take action to control it, it seems CM Tirath Singh Rawat is asking people to reproduce more children for the sake of it. get more rations. His remark that people hadn’t eaten rice of such good quality is also derogatory. “