You can reach the quarters by drinking Coca Cola; Fans take a picture of Shake before the shootout | Euro 2020 | Granit Xhaka

Bucharest: Coca-Cola, a cold drink, is lying with the ball in the Euro Cup. It all started when Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his displeasure with Coca-Cola. Cristiano Ronaldo removes cola bottles at a news conference ahead of Portugal’s first match in the Euros. Following this, many came out in support and opposition to the Portuguese captain.

Cristiano Ronaldo was full of trolls as Portugal lost to Belgium in the pre-quarter. The trolls came out saying that Cristiano’s team was out because they did not drink cola. Cola bosses may be happy now that the trolls are poisoned.

Following this, Swiss star Granit Shake also fills up on social media with a bottle of Coca-Cola. Before the penalty shootout against France, the cola bottle in Shaka’s hand, which inspired his teammates, caught the eye of fans. And the video of Shakka drinking cola went viral. Fans trolled that the secret of Switzerland’s success was Coca-Cola and that if he had drunk cola, Cristiano could have reached the quarterfinals now.

Switzerland advanced to the quarterfinals, beating the world champions 3-3 in regulation time and extra time. The Swiss won the shootout 5-4. France fell after the Swiss goalkeeper blocked a penalty from youngster Mbabane.

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