Xbox Series X and Series S restocking sells to Smyths – here’s where to look next

Avid Xbox fans have been frantically trying to get hold of Microsoft’s new next-gen console – but thousands are still missing.

Bettors across the UK are swarming with retailers to get their hands on the much sought after Xbox Series X and S.

The company’s cheaper model, the S-Series, has been easier to find in recent weeks and has dropped off at Very and Smyths in recent days.

But many were frustrated that they couldn’t get their hands on the premium X-Series model – which was incredibly hard to find.

The story follows the trend of the PS5, which has also seen many gamers upset and angry with the lack of stock.

Either way, everyone wants to know when both consoles will be in stock and that’s why we’re here.

Much like our PS5 coverage, we keep a close eye on Xbox Series X and S inventory at major retailers such as Currys, Amazon, BT and more.

These are the retailers who can stock the next wave of consoles.


Popular high street retailer Currys is expected to get more stock soon.

Stock image of an Xbox Seires X, released on November 10, 2020
Stock image of an Xbox Seires X, released on November 10, 2020


The well-known telecommunications company said it sold its allocation of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

But it is definitely an issue to watch for more stock.

Smyths Toys

Smyths recently reassured fans that the new stock will definitely arrive at some point after their S-Series drop yesterday (March 3)

Sources have suggested he could then arrive within the next two weeks – so he’s definitely one to watch out for.

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Very is also expected to put the Xbox Series X and S back on sale very soon.

There is no set date, but it is worth checking daily to see if any new stock is dropping.


ShopTo is a UK based games retailer that has been supplying games and consoles for years. It’s only a small retailer but regularly opens pre-orders for Xbox consoles.

ShopTo recently ran out of stock – so it may take a while for more stock to drop.


AO is an online retailer that also regularly removes Xbox stock. Like many smaller retailers, AO is dropping a smaller amount of consoles once a month and is one to watch this month.