Wrestling with jellyfish bull; Pictures of Apani Sarath


Image: Fossbook

J.The discussion among the fans is about the pictures of the young star Apani Sarath wrestling with the Llicket bull. These are the training films in Palani as part of the star’s new Tamil film. Appani Sarath will play the lead role in the film which will be directed by Vinod Guruvayoor for the first time.

Mada is the name of the character of the star. Appani Sarath said that training with the Jellybean Bull was the biggest challenge of his acting career. “We can train even wild animals, but jellyfish bulls are scary. I’m even afraid to go near them. I’m going to bullshit at the risk of my life. It’s a big challenge. But I will. I ‘m so confident,” Sarath said.

* Molding myself to be Maada * My next Tamil movie based on the story line related to the traditional event “Jallikattu” …

Posted by Sarath Appani on Saturday, 27 March 2021