World Cup qualifiers: European World Cup qualifiers: Belgium and Portugal draw – portugal belgium held in world cup qualifying


  • Belgium and Portugal draw in World Cup qualifier
  • The Netherlands lost the first game and won the second
  • Croatia, Turkey and Russia win qualifiers

London: An unexpected draw between Belgium and Portugal in the European Regional World Cup qualifiers. Belgium drew 1-1 with the Czech Republic and Portugal drew 2-2 with Serbia. Portugal narrowly missed out on the first leg, scoring four points in the group. Belgium, who won the first game, also have four points in total.

The defense of the Czech Republic was humiliated for Belgium, who had tied the game. Belgium could not create more chances. Belgium equalized through Lukaku, who took the lead through Lucas Provod. Diego Jotta’s double gave Portugal the equalizer. Mitrovic and Philippe Kostic also scored for Serbia.

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Other matches in the European region include Russia 2-1 Slovenia, Montenegro 4-1 Gibraltar, Croatia 1-0 Cyprus, Norway 0-3 Turkey, Netherlands 2-0 Latvia, Belarus 4-2 Estonia, Ireland 0-1 Luxembourg, Slovakia 2- 2 Malta.

Confederations Cup World Cup Qualifiers, Psychos Islands 0-7 Nicaragua, Anguilla 0-6 Dominican Republic, British Virgin Islands 0-3 Guatemala, Bahamas 0-4 St Kitts, US Virgin Islands 0-3 Antigua.

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