‘Women’s dress code for sexual assault’; Protest against Imran Khan’s statement Imran Khan’s Sexist Comment Draws Backlash

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that women’s dress is the cause of sexual violence has been widely protested. Imra made the controversial statement in an interview with the international media. If women wear shorts, it will affect men. Otherwise, they must be robots. This is just common sense – this was Imra’s opinion.

Protests against the statement are rising on social media. Many opposition leaders and journalists came out with criticism. Imran had earlier made a similar statement. Months ago, it was said that pornography was the cause of sexual violence in Pakistan. ‘The idea of ​​the veil is to avoid temptation. But not everyone has the will to avoid it, ”he said. The response was to the question of what action would be taken to prevent rape and sexual assault in the country.