Women should not leave home, men should grow beards: Taliban with new regulation

Takhar: The Taliban has issued new laws and regulations in Afghanistan. The Taliban have issued new laws in the recently captured districts of the northeastern province of Takhar.

There are reports that women are not allowed to leave home alone and that all men are ordered to grow beards. Dowry restrictions have also been imposed on girls.

It is suggested that women should not go out except with a relative. The Taliban have also decided to hold a trial without evidence. The Taliban has in the past sought to impose a harsh version of Islamic rule.

Before the arrival of the U.S. military in 2001, the Taliban banned girls from going to school and women from working outside. Violators of these laws were often subjected to humiliation and public persecution.

The Taliban have intensified their attacks on civilians, government defense and security forces. The Taliban have taken control of several districts across the country as U.S. forces withdraw from the country.


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