Women can marry more than one man; South Africa prepares for legislation

South Africa is preparing to amend the country’s marriage laws and legislate to allow a woman to have more than one marriage. Conservative groups, including the opposition, have taken a strong stance against the legislation.

The South African Constitution allows same-sex marriage and polygamy. But according to the law, women can only marry one man. The Home Department has released a new draft (green paper) calling for equal justice in this regard.

The law was drafted in April. The draft was presented to the public in May for further recommendations. The deadline for comments on the draft ends today. The issue has drawn strong criticism, including from conservatives in the country.

Opposition leader and TV debate leader Musa Mseleku said in a Facebook post that allowing women to marry more than one man would shake the existing social and cultural base. He has four wives. The post says that if women marry more than one man, they will have to undergo DNA testing to prove the paternity of the children, which could lead to the collapse of African culture.

English summary: Right to equality: South Africa debates should women have multiple husbands

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