Women can have more than one husband; The country is ready to implement the new law

Cape Town: South Africa with legislation to allow women to marry more than one person. According to the draft law, a woman can have more than one husband at a time. Polygamy and same-sex marriage are legal in South Africa. However, women should only have one marriage. It was alleged that this was against gender equality. Subsequently, the Home Department introduced a draft proposal to allow polygamy.

The draft directives were introduced after discussions with human rights groups and others. Activists have suggested that equality can only be achieved if polygamy is accepted, as is polygamy. Meanwhile, the decision has sparked huge controversy. Conservatives and religious leaders opposed the decision. Many point out that the decision will destroy African culture itself.

Kenneth Meso, leader of the African Christian Democratic Party, said that giving women the same right to marry as men would destroy society. Leading businessman and TV star Musa Seleku also came out against the decision. He asks what would happen to their children if a woman could marry more than once. He also said that a woman cannot perform the duties of a man.