Woman’s family accuses DK Shivakumar of “dirty politics”

Woman's family allege congressional leader behind Karnataka sex tape scandal

DK Shivakumar has denied the allegations (File)


The “sex scandal” allegedly involving former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi took a new turn on Saturday with the woman’s parents in the alleged video accusing State Congressman DK Shivakumar of playing “dirty politics” by using their daughter.

Mr Jarkiholi also named Mr Shivakumar for the first time in the case. Mr Shivakumar, for his part, however said he had nothing to do with the case as he had never met the woman.

Following the developments, the woman released a video statement, her fifth, and claimed her parents were speaking under someone’s influence.

She also enlisted the help of Chief Minister Yediyurappa, Interior Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Opposition Leader Siddaramaiah and Mr. Shivakumar in making her statement on the injustice done to her before a judge. .

The woman’s parents and brothers appeared before the special investigation team today. They were subjected to nearly six hours of interrogation.

“… we have evidence, we have spoken to officials (SIT) and we have given it to them, we will also give it to you (to the media). My daughter is an example of politics played using a tribe of the annex (ST) woman (sic), ”the woman’s father told reporters.

“If anything happens to our family, DK Shivakumar is responsible,” he added.

“I’m an ex-soldier, I kept the country, I can’t keep my daughter … for your dirty politics, why are you using a woman?” Send it back to us, ”he said.

“What protection will you get from them that you can’t get from me? I have kept the country, I am your father, I am here to protect you … come and see us, we don’t want a such policy, ”he told his daughter through the media.

The woman’s brother also claimed that Mr. Shivakumar was behind it all.

“She also said that DK Shivakumar gave her money and sent it to Goa. She said she was asked to follow what he was saying,” he said, citing his sister.

Noting that no one had threatened them, the family asked the police and the media to help them recover their daughter.

Mr Jarkiholi, who spoke to the media minutes after the statements by the woman’s parents, said he would fight DK Shivakumar both legally and politically.

“I am ready to join Kumaraswamy (from JDS) or anyone against him. I will not challenge from Gokak, I will make my brother challenge from there and work to defeat DK Shivakumar,” he said. he declares.

Dismissing the allegations, DK Shivakumar said Jarkiholi was speaking out of frustration.

“He (Jarkiholi) is frustrated, maybe he has a problem, so he talks … I can’t answer everything he says. There is the law, there are officials, that the investigation is taking place. I have nothing to do with it, “he said.