‘With those who are only looking for government employees ..’; Fold brother

‘To all those who are looking for government employees only .. I say this. Please listen .. ‘These are the words spoken by Vismaya’s brother in front of the media with tears in his eyes. Vijith’s words are also being taken up on social media as words to those who think that the government has a job and that his daughter’s life will be safe, without much investigation.

Brother Manorama told News Counterpoint about his sister’s death: ‘One night after bringing the car home, my sister was beaten in front of the house. I went to ask and was beaten too. So it became a police case. He also went to beat up the SI who reached the spot. Ivan tore his shirt. Then when the medical checkup was done it became clear that he was drunk. When he reached the station the next day, the motor vehicle officials intervened and tried to settle the matter. He wrote that his sister’s future was not going to happen again. I also signed it. It was the price of that signature that brought my sister’s body to the front of the house.

Then my sister stayed home for two months. When he started going to the exam, he called and seduced her again. Went to college and took her. Then she did not call me or my father. She didn’t call us anymore because she went of her own free will. They blocked my and my father’s phone number. The phone I bought was thrown away. She would then call only her mother. Her mother now says that when she last called, she refused to write the exam and asked if she could send a thousand rupees.

They are uneducated no matter how much they get. Let no one do this again. He was called from there at 5 am today and told to reach the hospital. When called to the hospital, he said his sister had been dead for two hours. What happened in those two hours. She will not commit suicide. കൊന്നതാണ്. He asked. He must be caught. Justice is needed .. Kerala is with us. ‘ Vismama’s brother tells Manorama News.