Will Tony Cruise retire? Euro 2020 mourning pogba kros

Toni Kroos

England v Germany – UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16 / Marc Atkins / Getty Images

German superstar Tony Cruise is set to retire from international football. Cruz’s decision to leave the national team was reported by German media outlet Bild after Germany lost to England in the pre – quarterfinals of the Euro Cup yesterday. But no official announcement has been made so far.

Paul Pogba

France v Switzerland – UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16 / Marcio Machado / Getty Images

Paul Pogba has made it clear that France, who were knocked out of the Euro Cup after losing to Switzerland in the pre – quarterfinals, will come back strong from this defeat. “Sometimes football can be cruel and beautiful. This match gave our opponents joy and sadness. That is the beauty of football. Of course we all wanted to get good results. Thank you so much to all our fans around the world. It was so beautiful to be able to see you, hear you and celebrate with you in all our matches. It gave us hope and joy, we will hold our heads high and come back strong, and finally I want to congratulate Switzerland, ”Pogba wrote on Instagram.

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant watches England beat Germany live in one of the most exciting pre-quarterfinal matches of Euro 2020 at the Wembley Gallery yesterday. Pant himself posted pictures of himself coming to watch the match on social media.

Gareth Southgate

England v Germany – UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16 / Robin Jones / Getty Images

Star coach Jose Mourinho has said that England will reach the final of Euro 2020 and that he does not see them losing to the teams they face in the next rounds. Mourinho said he hoped the Euro title would go to England this time around, adding that he would be “very disappointed” if they did not reach the final.

Andriy Shevchenko

Sweden v Ukraine – UEFA Euro 2020: Round of 16 / Robert Perry – Pool / Getty Images

Ukraine coach Andrei Shevchenko said that England are a very good team and they know very well that the quarterfinal fight against them will be very tough. He noted that scoring against England was unbelievable but that they should not be intimidated by their strength. “Anything is possible in football, just like in life. We will play with all our heart to give the fans more joy, “Shevchenko said of their upcoming Euro Cup quarter-final match against England.