Will the sea catch fire ?; Watch the video | Fire Rages In The Middle Of Ocean Near Mexico Viral Video

MEXICO CITY: Can you believe the sea is on fire? It will be a little difficult. But a fire broke out Friday morning at sea level west of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

The fire was caused by a gas leak from a pipeline under the sea. The video, which caught fire on the surface of the ocean, went viral within seconds.

The surface of the ocean was similar to lava. The video also shows the fire rising on the surface of the circle. The fire broke out at about five o’clock. The video also shows ships and helicopters trying to put out the blaze. The fire was put out by Pemex Oil, the company said.

The fire broke out in a pipeline connecting one of Pemex’s’ most important platforms to the Maloob Sap Oil development. The cause of the fire is not clear. The company said no other accidents were reported and no production or project was affected.

The fire broke out around 5.30 am local time. The fire was completely extinguished by 10.30 am. The cause of the fire will be investigated, officials said.