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The battle of the strong in the euro today. Belgium and Italy clash in the quarterfinals. The pre-quarter was a test for both teams.
Belgium beat the defending champions by one goal. Belgium beat Portugal 1-0 by Thorgan Hazard. Italy, who had a brilliant performance in the first round, fell to Austria in the pre-quarter. The win was 2–1 in overtime.

Belgium worried when they go down against Italy. Not sure if key players Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard will play. Both failed to complete the pre-quarter against Portugal. D’Brien has an ankle injury. The chances of playing are remote. If the two do not go down, it will be a heavy blow to Belgium.

Thorgen Hazard is the main weapon against Portugal. Romelu Lukaku’s goal-scoring prowess will also benefit. The defense also shone in the game against Portugal. Under Roberto Mancini, Italy’s Eurozone changed drastically. Mancini’s team still has a chance to prove themselves in the knockout stage. That was clear in the pre-quarter with Austria. Federico Kiesa is likely to be in the top eleven. On defense, Giorgio Killeni is unlikely to return from injury. In the last match, Marco Verratti replaced Manuel Lokatelly in the first eleven. It will be easier for Italy if Lorenzo Insincio and Zero Immobile excel in the forwards.

Italy have never played with a great team before. And a team that survived tough battles in Belgium. This is the last chance for Belgium, who have yet to win a major trophy. Italy have won their last 31 matches. They conceded one goal after 11 consecutive matches.


Belgium–- Kurto; Alderweeld‌, Vermeulen, Vertonghen; Thorgan Hazard, Witzel, Tielemans, Munier, Hazard / Mertens, Lukaku, Carasco / De Brian.

Italy–- Donnarumma; De Lorenzo, Bonushi, Killeni, Spinasola; Barella, Georgino, Verratti, Kiesa, Immobile, Insin.

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