Who is really ‘Fr. Benedict ‘? The Priest Teaser

The second teaser of ‘The Priesty’ starring Mammootty and directed by newcomer Joffin T Chacko has been released. The one minute long teaser reveals the suspenseful nature of the film. Fr. In the teaser, Mammootty’s protagonist Benedict is introduced. Mammootty’s character explores the mystery of the series of suicides in the same house.

This is the first time that Manju Warrier has acted in a film with Mammootty. The censorship process for the film had already been completed. Shyam Menon and Deepu Pradeep have penned the script for the director’s own story. Akhil George is the cinematographer of the film with music by Rahul Raj. The film is being produced by Antro Joseph and B Unnikrishnan under the banner of Antro Joseph Film Company and RD Illuminations. Also starring Nikhila Vimal, Srinath Bhasi, Sania Iyyappan, Jagadish and Madhupal. Released March 4th.

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Last Updated Feb 27, 2021, 6:32 PM IST