Who is Navpreet Kaloty, the dashing Sikh who gave a presentation at the Apple launch

Apple had a lot to share with its fans at the Spring Loaded event last night. Along with exciting product launches including a new iMac, iPad Pro and more, the company has put a lot of focus on the presentation aspect of the entire event. That’s why we’ve seen Apple CEO Tim Cook perform stunts like Tom Cruise. It’s also why we saw a concerted effort towards diversity and inclusion in Apple’s presentation. In particular, Navpreet Kaloty, head of Apple’s engineering program, caught the attention of Indians following the event.

Kaloty takes care of the Mac architecture at Apple and at the Spring Loaded event he introduced the world to the camera capabilities of the new iMac.

If you saw the event, you’d say the dashing Navpreet pulled it off really well too. The Apple executive is now increasingly recognized around the world for his calm, poised camera appearance at launch. But other than what we see on the launch video, who exactly is Navpreet Kaloty, and how did he come to be the first Sikh to appear at an Apple launch event? Here is a preview.

Navpreet Kaloty: Know the man

According to what can be learned from its online presence, Navpreet works with Apple as the Engineering Program Manager at its Cupertino headquarters. The deduction can be made from the fact that he currently lives in the city of Cupertino in California. It could also have made it available for the Apple Spring Loaded presentation which was fully recorded at Apple Park.

This is Navpreet’s fifth year of working with Apple at its current designation. Prior to joining the tech industry in May 2016, he completed approximately a quarter-year internship with the Product Management for Operational Excellence team at Tesla.

Navpreet had done similar internships before the Tesla concert. In 2014, he worked with Suncor Energy for a total of nine months in two different departments. Previously, he completed a five-month internship at a company called 10in6 Incorporated located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Regarding his education, Navpreet completed his Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2016. He continued his Masters in Business Strategy from Harvard University in 2018 and is scheduled to complete the course l next year according to his LinkedIn Profile.

Navpreet appears to be a long-standing A-grade student, having been a valedictorian and on the Dean’s Honors List most of his studies. It seems that this in-depth knowledge of his field has enabled him to reach one of the biggest milestones in the tech world so early in his career.

Tim Cook as Tom Cruise

Even Apple CEO Tim Cook went out of his way to make the presentation more captivating than a regular launch event. In a video marking the entry of Apple’s M1 chips into the iPad Pro line, the Apple boss was seen performing a stunt like a Hollywood action hero.

Watching the video, it looked like the abbreviations TC stood for Tom Cruise and not Tim Cook, as the latter rocked on a roof, cut a hole through glass, made his way through ventilation ducts, and even avoided laser alarms in the video. All this to recover the M1 chip from a Macbook and put it in the iPad Pro.

Of course, being the CEO, he could have just walked in and accepted it.

But where is the fun in that?