Who is Mukhtar Ansari, a gangster turned politician? | India News

NEW DELHI: The Uttar pradesh the police arrested on Tuesday Mukhtar Ansari, leaving with him from Rupnagar prison in Punjab in a convoy headed 900 km to a prison in Banda or security was tightened to hold the gangster turned politician.
The transfer of the dreaded gangster and the Bahujan Samaj party Deputy Mukhtar Ansari comes after a short Supreme order approached by the government of Uttar Pradesh who cited the series of criminal cases Ansari is facing in his home state.
The transfer formalities took about two hours on Tuesday before being handed over to the UP team at Rupnagar prison, where he has been held since January 2019 in connection with an extortion case.
Mau’s BSP MP has been held in Rupnagar Prison since January 2019 in connection with an extortion case.
According to UP police, Ansari faces 52 cases in the state and elsewhere, and 15 of them are at the trial stage.
Police have so far arrested 96 criminals and seized, released or demolished property worth Rs 192 crore related to the BSP MLA and its associates.
Ansari is also the main accused in the murder of the BJP lawmaker in 2005. Krishnanand Rai.
The Punjab National Department had asked the government of Uttar Pradesh to take custody of Ansari by April 8, following the Supreme Court’s March 26 order that set a two-week deadline.
The Supreme Court noted that Ansari was allegedly involved in cases of murder, attempted murder, cheating and conspiracy, outside of gangster law offenses.
In 2010, Ansari was taken into custody for the murder of Ram Singh Maurya, who witnessed the murder of Mannat Singh, a local entrepreneur who was allegedly killed by Ansari morons in 2009.
Meanwhile, family members of Mukhtar Ansari said they feared for his life in Uttar Pradesh.
Ansari will be held in Barracks No. 15 of Banda District Prison. Additional police forces have been deployed to the prison at the request of the prison authorities.
The barracks will have three-level security. The external security enclosure will be manned by two civilian police teams, each led by a sub-inspector and 10 armed gendarmes.
The second security network will include special CCTV cameras that have been installed at entry points and a team of five prison officials who will keep an eye on CCTV footage around the clock.
The third circle, the innermost, will include a team of prison guards. The 100-member police team who Ropar, is likely to return with the donation mafia late Tuesday night.
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