When the corona was examined, it was found to have been hidden in the nose for 40 years

Some people still fear that the corona test will hurt when they hear it. But in New Zealand, a woman named Mary McCarthy has found a cure for years of pain through corona testing.

The plastic coin they used to play with had been in their nose for about 40 years. Frequent pain in the right side of the nose increased after coronary examination

It was then discovered during a CT scan. It was removed through minor surgery. As a child, Mary McCarthy never remembered a plastic coin getting into her nose during a Tindley Wings game. She says she has no recollection of what happened in her childhood when she had constant nose pain and difficulty breathing.

When the secretion was taken from the nose for coronary examination, the pain was excruciating and the doctors alternately saw no benefit. But in the end, when a doctor asked me if I had a runny nose, I remembered the old things. Then Tindley Wings, among those who remember old things, said that a plastic coin got stuck in their nose during the game. A subsequent CT scan revealed a plastic coin. Doctors expertly removed the plastic coin from his nose.