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The open conversation between Alia Kashyap and her father Anurag Kashyap is now a hot topic on social media. Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap has revealed his views on the life of his daughter Alia Kashyap. In a video shared by Alia on her YouTube channel, the director shares his open views on life. Alia also talks to her father about some of her fans’ questions. Alia asks her father about premarital sex and her boyfriend. Alia’s boyfriend is Shane Gregory. The two have been in love for more than a year. They also live with Anurag in Mumbai.

“I like him. I also like the way you choose male friends. He is very spiritual, very calm, and has many good things in him that even people in their 40s do not see. To the question of what would be the answer if she said she was pregnant, Anurag said, “I will ask if you want it, I will stand by your decision, you know that? Replying This is Anurag’s answer to the question about premarital sex; “This is a question we asked in the ’80s. It’s a question that has been asked throughout college. When it comes to sex and sexuality, one has to make an informed decision. Never look at peers’ opinions. If you’re ready for it, if you have one, you can do it. Alia is the daughter of Anurag Kashyap’s first wife Aarti Bajaj.