What about ‘Bro Daddy’? Prithviraj responds to fan question on first Instagram live

Prithviraj on Instagram for the first time for the promotion of ‘Cold Case’


Thiruvananthapuram, First Published Jun 23, 2021, 1:30 AM IST

Prithviraj announced the film he will be directing after ‘Lucifer’ a few days back. Although the sequel to ‘Lucifer’, ‘Empuran’ was announced earlier, it is a project that cannot be started without completely eliminating the Kovid crisis. It was during that time that Prithviraj planned another film. Prithviraj on social media said that the title poster of the movie ‘Bro Daddy’ was an interesting family village movie. For the promotion of his first direct OTT release ‘Cold Case’, Prithviraj had to ask some of his fans on his first Instagram live about Bro Daddy. Prithviraj gave an interesting answer in a few words.

One fan commented, ‘Tell me about Bro Daddy.’ Prithviraj replied, “It’s a fun-family film I’m directing. That’s all.” But soon another fan comment came. The fan response was, ‘Bro Daddy is a short film, um, listen.’ Prior to its release, Prithviraj had said that ‘Lucifer’ is a film without any features. Prithviraj responded with a laugh. “It’s really a short film, Bro Daddy. It’s a film that can be shot in the current coveted situation,” Prithviraj said.

Others wanted to know if Empuran would start. Prithviraj’s reply was that ‘Empuran’ is a movie that can only start if the Kovid crisis is completely over. “Empuran has to get to the opening stage to start working on the film. All the travel restrictions have to be changed so that we can see its location. We are waiting for that,” Prithviraj said.

Meanwhile, Cold Case is Prithviraj’s first direct OTT release. Prithviraj said that the film, directed by Tanu Balak for the first time, is a hybrid zoner and combines elements of supernatural, horror and investigation. Aditi Balan will play the lead role in the Tamil film Aruvi. Prithviraj will play the role of ACP Satyajit. Produced by Andro Joseph, Jomon T John and Shamir Mohammed. The screenplay is by Srinath V Nath.

Last Updated Jun 23, 2021, 1:30 AM IST