The pictures of Mammootty and the stars who came to celebrate the success of ‘The Priesty’ last day are attracting the attention of social media. A picture of Nikhila Vimal looking at Mammootty during the press conference is now going viral.

As the film went viral, trolls also took to social media. Nikhila’s friend and actress Aishwarya Lakshmi also shared an interesting troll on her Instagram story.

The priest, Mammootty Nikhila Vimal troll

The priest, Mammootty Nikhila Vimal troll

‘The Priest’, a horror-mystery thriller, hits theaters on March 11. The film is getting great response. Nikhila Vimal will play a notable role in the film, which will be written and directed by newcomer Joffin T Chacko.

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