West Bengal: Cong, the left asks the government to prove its majority, wants the Assembly to meet

Calling on the TMC government to prove its majority on the House floor, the opposition CPI (M) and Congress demanded Thursday the convening of the Assembly session as soon as possible.

The demand was raised by both opposition parties amid defections of high-profile Trinamool MPs in recent weeks. The most recent is TMC Minister Suvendu Adhikari.

“Many Trinamool MPs joined the BJP or quit the party. Now Trinamool Congress leaders are afraid of any vote in the Assembly. They should immediately convene the session of the Assembly and prove their majority on the floor of the House, ”said opposition leader and congressman Abdul Mannan and the leader of the Legislative Party of the CPI (M), Sujan Chakraborty, at a press meeting here.

Assembly elections in the state are scheduled to take place between April and May, and the CPI (M) and Congress have formed an alliance to contest the elections together.

The two leaders also said there are many issues to be discussed in the House as well.

“There are a lot of problems happening in the country and in the state as well. But the ruling party is not eager to debate these issues in the Assembly, ”Mannan said.

“The TMC government has made many decisions that have political and financial implications. The government must therefore explain them to the Assembly, ”added Chakraborty.

“Due to the Covid pandemic, the Assembly has not taken place for nearly a year. Now, as the situation improves, the government should convene the session, ”Mannan said.