We must be imitators of Christ and good witnesses: Pope Francis

Vatican City: Pope Francis has reminded each and every one of us to be imitators and good witnesses of Christ, as did the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul. The pope was reminded that the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul were imitators, not worshipers of Jesus. He was leading the Angelus prayer on the feast day of the Apostles.

The crucial question that Jesus asked his disciples, ‘Who am I to you?’ Is repeated to us today. Some will end up answering that question in comments and conversations about Jesus. But others will talk to Jesus, bring their lives into Him and take a step back to connect with Him. This is what the Lord wants.

St. Peter and Paul are good examples of this testimony. They were not followers of Iso, but imitators and witnesses of Iso. They were not spectators, but heroes. They did not talk about the mission, but lived up to the mission. They spent their lives for the Lord and their brothers through deeds rather than words.

St. Peter and St. Paul remind us that God is not to be proclaimed but to be shown by the testimony of life. An objection may be raised that Peter denied the Lord and that Paul persecuted the Christians and that they were not role models. But they also witnessed their weaknesses.

Their lives are fully exposed before us to reveal a great truth. It means that the Lord can do great things through us if we are transparent to Him and to others without trying to protect our image. The pope added that the Lord still asks us to take off our masks, through the testimony of the apostles, still asking the question, “Who am I to you?”