Watch: Railroad pointer saves child who fell on rails in Mumbai

A Central Railway switchman rescued a fallen child by running towards him and lifting him off the platform seconds before a train arrived, at Vangani station in Thane district on Saturday evening. Mayur Shelke’s act of bravery earned him praise from Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal.

In a 29-second video, a blind woman is seen walking with her six-year-old son on Pier 2 when he accidentally slips and falls on the rails. Seeing this, Shelke sprints over the railroad tracks, lifts him up and then jumps onto the platform, narrowly missing being hit by a train.

Central Railways uploaded the video to Twitter and applauded Shelke (30). “Mumbai Division, Mr. Mayur Shelkhe (Pointsman) saved the life of a child who lost his balance while walking on Pier no. 2 at Vangani station., ”they tweeted.

Goyal also tweeted the video, adding: “Very proud of Mayur Shelke, a railroad worker at Vangani Station in Mumbai who did an exceptionally brave act, risked his own life and saved the life of a child. »

Central Railway’s Divisional Director of Railways will reward Shelke for his bravery.

Mayur Shelkhe is congratulated during a ceremony at CSMT Mumbai on Monday. (Express photo: Ganesh Shirsekar)

Speaking to the Indian Express, Shelke, who has worked with the railroads for five years, said: “I was back on track. My job was to give the green signal to Udyan Express. It was just me and the station master standing on the platform. I saw Udyan Express walking towards the child. I had to save his life and started running towards him. In a few seconds, I was scared and I thought of stepping back. I even slowed down. But I couldn’t see him die and started running again.

Shelke stays in Neral with his parents, wife and 10-day-old son. When asked how his family reacted to the incident, Shelke said, “I didn’t inform them for two days. But today the video went viral and they called me. At first my mom scolded me, but later said she was proud of what I had done. My wife was also scared, but she is happy now.