Was Ben Stokes absent or not? Controversial third referee decision in second ODI sparks backlash

England were cruising on 170/1, when Ben Stokes (of 31) thought he could relax but he survived on the skin of his bat or the benefit of the doubt given to the batter, by the third referee.

Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav’s direct hit from the depths almost caught the southpaw – who was due to complete the second inning – and was looking to find out who the outfielder was.

The pitch was really good and after many rounds third referee Anil Chaudhary decided the batter was safe. However, the reruns weren’t exactly conclusive and maybe it just came for the benefit of the doubt.

One Stokes window in particular would have really helped India. With the decision made, here’s how the fans reacted.

As for the clash, England had won the draw and asked the hosts to beat first. India got off to a bad start as fit Shikhar Dhawan came out cheap in fourth. Skipper Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma added 28 out of 29 balls before Sam Curran sent Rohit (25) back in ninth.

KL Rahul then came to the end and was involved in over two hundred crucial partnerships with Kohli and Pant. Kohli smashed 66 before being sent back to the lodge by Adil Rashid.

While Rahul hit a sleek 108 on 114 balls, Pant scored a 40 ball 77 which included seven sixes and three fours.