Waqar Younis cheated with ball to get reverse swing: Mohammad Asif

Waqar Younis didn’t know how to play with the new ball and he used to “cheat the ball” to get a reverse swing when the ball was older, former Pakistani pacemaker Mohammad Asif said.

Speaking in an interview on a Pakistani TV station, Asif said, “He (Waqar Younis) used to cheat with the ball to do a reverse swing. He didn’t know how to play with the new ball for most of his career. He learned a little more about bowling from a new ball in the twilight of his career.

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Asif added that although he is known as a reverse swing practitioner, Waqar has never been able to develop another bowler who can perfect him. Waqar is currently the bowling coach for the Pakistan national team.

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Asif said, “You know him (Waqar) as a master of reverse swing, but he’s never developed a single bowler who can play a perfect reverse swing. These people have been coaches for 20 years, but they have never produced quality bowlers. They lack consistency in the combinations. We have bowlers in quantity, not quality. “