‘Voters go on holiday’; BJP on defeat in Haryana

BJP spokesperson Sanjay Sharma has explained the reasons behind the defeat of the Haryana Municipal Corporation. Sanjay Sharma explains that the failure of the BJP and the BJP was due to people going on trips because of the holidays.

‘December 25, 26 and 27 were holidays. It is also the end of the year. Many were on long trips to celebrate the holidays. Unfortunately, many of the BJP’s vote bank were on leave. None of them came to vote, ”said Sanjay Sharma.

The election was held amidst the peasant agitation. Elections were held for Ambala, Panchkula and Sonipat Municipal Corporations and Municipal Councils. The main contest was between the BJP-JJP alliance and the Congress. The BJP alliance won in only one-third of the corporations.

‘When the government does good things, everyone will stand together and stop the government. That is what happened in Haryana. They have no other goal but to stop the BJP, ”said BJP MLA Azeem Goel.