Vismaya Death Case accused kiran kumar tested covid positive | Vismaya Death Case: Kovid confirms Kiran Kumar accused in Vismaya case; Evidence will be delayed

Kollam: Awesome (Vismaya) Kiran Kumar, husband of Vismaya, arrested in case of being found deadCovid 19) Infection confirmed. Kiran’s Kovid has confirmed that she was going to take evidence at her house on Vismaya’s ground today.

Kiran Kumar on Wednesday (Kiran Kumar) Custody is about to end. Kiran Kumar will be remanded in police custody in two weeks. In this case, the follow-up to the case is likely to be delayed. In addition, the officers who questioned the accused and took evidence also entered the surveillance.

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Kiran Kumar was taken home and evidence was taken. Police recreate scenes with dummy (Kerala Police) Evidence was taken at home. The police re-enacted what the accused Kiran Kumar had done after this.

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Kiran Kumar once again showed the police what happened after he stepped open the toilet door. In addition to the investigating officers, a police surgeon and forensic officers went to the spot and inspected it.

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Apart from taking evidence at home, the police also took Kiran Kumar to SBI Bank in Poruvazhi. Visma’s gold was kept in the locker of this bank.

One week after the marriage, Visma and Bharat came together and deposited the gold in the locker. But bank officials later told police that the gold had not been taken from the locker since then.

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