Vijay Shankar Recalls His Memories Of Father Lohithadas And His Characters

Some of his father’s characters haunt his father until his death. The crown and solitude were all gifted to his father by sleepless nights. His father felt that what he had done to Sethumadhavan was cruel. His family was shattered and his dreams shattered. Vijay says he has done all we can to a man. He says that he may have written a scene in a dream in which he asked Jose Sethumadhavan, “Why did you destroy my family and orphan my children?”

The same was true of Balan Mash, the soloist. I remember, once for an Onam, we all ate and if my father was in a good mood, he would organize a few palms and eat it. Vijay Shankar says that he suddenly remembered the father of the boy Mash in Taniyavarthanam.

“There is a dialogue in the film where Gopi says, ‘Ballet went to buy the money from the sale of the land with a big bag in his hand.’ ‘Balan Mash is going to buy 10,000 rupees. Gopi knows that ten thousand is a small bundle of one hundred. But the boy Mash does not know. Balan Mash was so innocent. “How innocent is the ballet dancer,” cried his father. My father had a bad relationship with them. ” He says.

When asked who is his father’s favorite character, Vijay Shankar says that he is Sethumadhavan in the crown and Balan Mash in the solo. Last day was Lohithadas’ day of remembrance. Many people paid homage to the great filmmaker through social media. All the leading stars of Malayalam cinema shared their memories of Lohi.

Lohithadas is a recipient of several awards, including a National Award. He has directed many films as a screenwriter and director. His last film was Nivedyam, released in 2007. Lohithadas died in 2009.