Vidya Balan makes a video call to Prithviraj, ‘Can’t Shorni direct in Malayalam?’


Kochi, First Published Jul 3, 2021, 11:32 AM IST

Video call between Vidya Balan and Prithviraj hit. The video call was made in connection with the promotion of Vidya Balan starrer Sherney and Prithviraj starrer Cold Case. Sherney and Cold Case are about to hit. Both films have been released on Amazon.

Vidya Balan is first seen making a video call to Prithviraj. Prithviraj asks what is so special about Vidyaji. Vidya Balan replies in Malayalam that there is nothing wrong with me. Prithviraj’s answer to Vidya Balan’s question whether his Malayalam was in trouble was good.

Prithviraj and Vidya Balan talk about movies after asking each other good news.

When Vidya Balan asked what kind of movie is Cold Case, Prithviraj says that he wants to see it. Prithviraj asks about Sherni. Vidya Balan asked why Sherney could not be directed in Malayalam. Prithviraj’s reply was that let’s watch the movie first and then think about the system.

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