Varun Dhawan, criticized for posting ‘deaf’ birthday tweet, hits Delete

  • Actor Varun Dhawan deleted a “ common RFP ” created for his birthday, after several Twitter users criticized the timing of such a post. See his answer here.

POSTED APR 21, 2021 2:31 PM IST

Actor Varun Dhawan has deleted a fan-made graphic depicting him, after being criticized for posting it amid the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India. The graphic, ostensibly a “common PD” to commemorate his birthday, featured him in various on-screen avatars, and carried the message “Donate Plasma, Save Lives.”

Several Twitter users pointed to the eerie moment of the post, which came as social media calendars are inundated with requests for help with getting oxygen, medicine, hospital beds and other life-saving necessities. . “Oh Varun. I thought you were one of the sane ones,” one person wrote in a tweet.

In his response, the actor tweeted, “Well, that was to make someone happy who made the graphic and asked for it, but I guess this medium shouldn’t be used for that now.” He deleted the original message.

Social media users described the tweet as “deaf” and “clueless”. One person wrote: “I’ve been here at this hellish site for over ten years now, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tweet with so much ignorance to unwrap.”

A screenshot of the now deleted tweet from Varun Dhawan.
A screenshot of the now deleted tweet from Varun Dhawan.

Several Bollywood actors have also come under fire for spending international vacations as the nation struggles to control the pandemic. Earlier this week, actor Shruti Haasan and writer Shobhaa De criticized some stars for “ flaunting ” their privilege.

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“I think gratitude and gratitude for privilege is the most important thing to know rather than throwing your privileges on people’s faces,” Shruti told The Quint, as Shobhaa’s post read. : “It is the height of vulgarity to display these ridiculous pictures. Enjoy the Maldives. By all means. You are blessed if you can get such a break in these dark times. But do everyone a favor… keep -private. “


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