Vakeel Saab Early Booking Report: Phenomenal, But For It

pawan kalyan - vakeel saab - advance reservationD-Day for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans is just under twenty-four hours away now. So how are the reservations so far? Well they are just phenomenal and suggest a huge record day on the map. However, it could have been a lot better without it.

Advance booking for Vakeel Saab is further proof of why Pawan Kalyan is called the ‘King of Openings’ of Telugu cinema. It’s sensational in all areas. In all of the Telugu states’ multiplexes, bookings are well over 90%. But, in places where the price of the ticket is increased abnormally, the same is a little about sixty percent.

We already pointed this out when the buzz around the price hike emerged some time ago. It’s a big bet that Dil Raju and the local distributors are taking. The impact is clearly visible. Hope is now on the speech to push the walk-in audience on an opening day.

Another good news for fans is that it’s not the A-Center multiplexes, but even the B and C centers are reporting incredible advances. Even in places where people usually come out in droves on the day of the release, the shows fill up via the “ advance reservation ” itself.

The impact of the fear of the corona434p is there, but it’s significantly less on opening day, looking at reservations in advance. They would come into play on the second day in conjunction with the conference.

The long gap since Pawan Kalyan’s last film and the previous star hero film has resulted in this phenomenal response. If the film gets the speech they want, Pawan Kalyan fans can finally get the much-needed “happening” alongside the usual openings. Let’s see what’s in the store for them.

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