‘Vaccine not available for arrogance and ignorance’ – Harshavardhan against Rahul Gandhi | Harsh Vardhan | Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Health Minister Harsha Vardhan on Monday lashed out at Rahul Gandhi for criticizing the government over the lack of availability of the Kovid vaccine. He accused Rahul Gandhi of being arrogant in not looking at the explanation given for the distribution of the vaccine.

‘The facts regarding the availability of the vaccine for the month of July were clarified yesterday. What is Rahul Gandhi’s problem? Did he not read that? The vaccine is not available for arrogance and ignorance. The Congress should think of a change of leadership, ”Harshavardhan tweeted.

Rahul Gandhi had earlier tweeted about the uncertainty over the distribution of the vaccine. “July has arrived, but the vaccine has not yet arrived,” Rahul tweeted.

Harsha Vardhan had yesterday accused the Opposition of making irresponsible statements against vaccination. Harshavardhan tweeted that the central government had made 75 per cent of the vaccine free and had been able to provide 11.5 crore doses of the vaccine in June.

The Union Health Ministry had yesterday said that the states still have 1.24 crore doses of vaccine left to use. 94.6 lakh vaccines will be available in different states in the coming days. So far, 32.92 crore doses of the vaccine have been given to the states under the central government’s free vaccine scheme, the ministry said.

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