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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has acknowledged China’s arguments on human rights issues related to Uyghurs in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Imran Khan told Chinese journalists who were interviewed as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s centenary celebrations that the situation was very different from what the Western media was reporting. The Pakistani Dawn newspaper reported that Khan said he fully accepted their arguments because of his closeness to China.

Khan said it was a double standard to highlight only the problems in Hong Kong and Xinjiang and pretend not to see human rights violations elsewhere.

The Uyghur crisis, in which China discriminates against millions of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang and infringes on their human rights, is the talk of the world. Pakistan, China’s best friend in the region, has remained silent on the issue, citing “grave human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

There are serious allegations that China has housed tens of millions of Uyghurs in detention camps, known as education camps, and that many of them are being subjected to forced labor. But from time immemorial, it was Imran Khan’s habit to remain silent or to answer questions about Uyghurs.

In the interview, Imran praised China. Imran said the communist power structure in China was a strong alternative to Western democracy. For so long we have learned that Western democratic style is the best for societies. But the Chinese Communist Party has changed all these perceptions and defeated all Western democracies, he said.

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English Summary: Pakistan accepts Chinese version on Uighur Muslims, says Imran Khan