Utra’s son is now Arja, not Dhruv

Mail: Utra’s son, who was bitten by a snake, is now Dhruv, not Arja. Uthra’s family changed the name Dhruv, which was given to him by his father Sooraj and his father’s family, to Arja. Uthra’s father Vijayasenan says that he was given the name Arjav because he was a child who had to live in the world with Arjav. Uthra (25), daughter of Vijayasenan and Manimekhala, died of a snake bite on May 7, 2020 at Eram Vellassery house.

son of uthara
Uthra’s father and mother together
Adopting a baby (file photo)

Uthra’s husband Suraj was bitten to death by a snake following a complaint from a family member. After Utra’s death, Sooraj’s family took the child to claim the property. But the Child Welfare Committee intervened and handed over the child to Uthra’s family. The baby was one year old when the mother died.

Arjav is now two years and three months old. Arjav is staying at Utra’s house. He is the beloved of his grandfather, grandmother and uncle Vishnu. Uthra’s parents are raising their grandchildren without compromising on motherhood. Arjav grows up seeing and knowing his mother every day. Every morning when I get up, I go in front of my mother’s picture and give her a hug. Then do other things.

The hopes and joys of Utra’s parents in life are now in full swing. The baby is a source of comfort to the family in times of unforeseen tragedy. In his play, they mourn at least for a while. The Utra case is currently on trial. The trial is set to begin on July 10.

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