Using Bluetooth While Driving: Licensing is not easy

Malappuram: Experts say it is not easy to enforce a police directive to revoke a license even if you use Bluetooth while driving. This is because of some legal issues.

The police informed about this last day. Dangerous driving is defined in Section 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The Old Testament used to say ‘use of mobile phone by hand’. As per the 2019 amendment, it has been renamed as ‘Manual Communication Devices’.

And added more elements to dangerous driving. But the only punishment for all this is imprisonment and a fine. Earlier it was Rs.1000 but now it is only Rs.10,000. Imprisonment for up to six months. The police also agree that the Motor Vehicle Act will need to be amended further to revoke the license.

But the states have no power over this. Under the current circumstances, if the license is revoked, the case may be dismissed in court. Therefore, there is confusion as to how the police directive will be implemented.

Bluetooth is dangerous

The serious issue is not how we use the phone, but what we talk about while driving. The brain cannot handle hearing and vision with equal importance at the same time. The mind tries to imagine the person making the phone call. If the subject matter is serious, it will also affect attention.

Talking to someone who is not paying more attention than talking to the person next to you may be necessary. So it is not advisable to use the phone in any way while driving.

T.G. Gokulnath, Enforcement RTO