User interface and user experience work together in this nine-course training package to make you a professional web designer.

User interface and user experience work together in this nine-course training package to make you a professional web designer.

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TLDR: From creating brilliant user interfaces to understanding user experience needs, The Complete Become a UI / UX Designer Bundle allows you to build a website or app the right way.

There is nothing more critical in all web development than the ultimate experience that a user has when interacting with that app or site. Considering this importance, it’s always a little weird that developers too often fall into the trap of forgetting that humans will one day have to navigate the system they are now building in complex ways.

Use all the cutting edge design elements and exotic architecture you love, but if that potentially deters users from committing to your project, it’s on a fast track to failure.

Creators can ensure that UI and UX issues are a good fit with training by The Complete Become a UI / UX Designer Pack ($ 34.99, over 90% off, from TNW Deals).

The package is a deep dive into how form and function can seamlessly merge. Over nine courses, instructor and digital entrepreneur Juan Galvan covers everything from web design to sales funnels and business development to help both sides of the creative brain work together to produce the products people want. .

The package begins with a pair of courses introducing students to the hard tech and soft artsy aspects of web design. Introduction to the Web Industry explores web development phases, team roles and responsibilities, and successful project management frameworks. In the meantime, The foundations of graphic design delve into the art of web development, including labs in the psychology of color, fonts and icons, basic graphic design software tools, and more.

Next, a handful of courses turn into UI and UX Dynamics, examining the customer journey, behavioral psychology, and influence that drives UX creation, as well as the elements of UI. Proven user interface to design everything from landing pages and websites to mobile apps. There’s even a course here on how to launch a career as a UI and UX expert.

This training is complemented by a collection of courses that cover some of the hardcore business realities of design work, from building highly profitable sales funnels to business development tactics to the stages of building your own profitable web design agency.

All the training in the full Become a UI / UX Designer pack is worth $ 1,800, but right now everything is available and hundreds of discounts off the regular price, up to only $ 34.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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