US-Canada travel restrictions extended to July 21 | US News | NRI

Washington, D.C. 75 75 percent of Canadian citizens have been ordered to suspend all travel to Canada except essential services until the first dose of the vaccine can be administered by July 21. Despite pressure from the Canadian prime minister to close the border, he remained steadfast.

Travel is prohibited not only from the United States but also from other countries except for essentials. Canada first imposed travel restrictions in March 2020. The Prime Minister said that so far 73.4 per cent of the Canadian population has been vaccinated with at least one dose. He added that only 5.5 per cent of people were able to get the two-dose vaccine.

The president said that even those who took two doses of the vaccine could give Covid 19 to others, and that such a drastic decision had to be made to avoid even that situation. Although there are no restrictions on grading or transporting goods, this is a 17 percent decrease compared to 2019. The U.S., Canada’s trading partner, described the decision as “wrong.”

English Summary : Canada extends US travel restrictions through July 21