UP Police Team Travel to Punjab to Warn Jailed MP Mukhtar Ansari

Punjab Police Team to Warn Jailed MP Mukhtar Ansari |

Uttar Pradesh police say Mukhtar Ansari faces 52 cases in the UP and elsewhere


Several Uttar Pradesh police officers traveled to Punjab’s Rupnagar district on Tuesday to bring back jailed gangster-turned-politician Mukhtar Ansari, who is due to stand trial in several cases in the state, officials said.

About seven Uttar Pradesh police vehicles reached Rupnagar police lines around 4.30am, they said.

The police lines are about four kilometers from Rupnagar prison, where Mukhtar Ansari has been held since January 2019 in connection with an extortion case.

In a letter, the Punjab National Department had asked the government of Uttar Pradesh to remove him from Rupnagar prison by April 8 at the latest.

He had written to the Additional Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh (home) following a March 26 Supreme Court order that ordered the government of Punjab to transfer Mukhtar Ansari to the UP prison in Banda in two weeks from Rupnagar prison.

The 150-member Uttar Pradesh police team, including an armed provincial police company, equipped with sophisticated weapons, left Banda on Monday morning to bring back BSP Mau MP Mukhtar Ansari , from Punjab.

In issuing the order on Macrh 26, the Supreme Court also noted that Mukhtar Ansari was allegedly involved in various cases of attempted murder, murder, cheating and conspiracy outside of gangster law offenses, filed in Uttar Pradesh and 10 of these cases are at different stages of the trial.

In the letter, the Punjab Interior Ministry had asked the additional chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh (home) to make appropriate arrangements for the transfer of Ansari. “The transfer must be made to Rupnagar District Prison on / before April 8,” the letter said.

He also said that Mukhtar Ansari suffered from certain medical conditions and that this could be kept in mind when arranging his transfer.

The Supreme Court had ordered the Punjab government to hand over custody of Mukhtar Ansari to the Uttar Pradesh police, saying she was refused on trivial grounds under the guise of medical problems.

He also said that a convict or detainee on trial, who breaks the law of the land, cannot oppose his transfer from one prison to another and that the courts should not be helpless bystanders when the rule of law is contested with impunity. .

Uttar Pradesh police say Mukhtar Ansari faces 52 cases in the UP and elsewhere, and 15 of them are at trial stage.

Banda district prison acting director Pramod Tiwari said all arrangements had been made at Barracks No. 15 for Ansari and no other prisoners could enter the area.

“Three prison guards will be deployed inside the barracks,” he said.