UP Man shoots dead nephew. The victim was recording a video

UP Man shoots dead nephew.  The victim was recording a video

The men were drinking and chatting before one of them shot the victim, recording the video


A man casually takes a homemade pistol, charges it with a bullet and shoots his dead nephew, in a frightening video, recorded by the victim, from Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar show. The cell phone falls out of the victim’s hand after being shot and footage is lost.

The painful moans of Prince, 19, are heard in the video after he was shot while the group he was with spoke casually. Two other people, besides the victim and the accused, were seen in the video (one of their faces not visible) drinking and passing the pistol casually.

The bizarre 30-second video, widely shared on social media, shows the men talking and laughing before one shoots the victim who was recording his video.

One of the defendants was arrested, police said, although they did not say if he was the shooter.

Reports in local media indicate that the arrested person claimed the gunman was just “checking” the pistol when he shot his nephew.

The senseless murder happened two days ago. Bottles of alcohol hang out from what appears to be a tube well in the middle of a farm where the group were drinking, possibly in the evening.

Muzaffarnagar police responded with a tweet to the crime video saying a case has been filed and efforts are underway to arrest the other defendants in the case.