Two Man United stars ‘clashed’ with Chief Woodward over ESL

In shocking news exclusively interrupted by our own Leah Smith, Man United stars Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire ‘confronted’ the club’s executive vice president Ed Woodward over Super League plans. ..

Leah, whose other work can be found here and followed below, just released a new bombshell, minutes after announcing that the Red Devils are now “ going ” to withdraw from the plans.

Leah adds that Manchester United players were ‘outraged’ at the news that they were one of the founding clubs of a competition that would ruin football.

It has been reported that club captain Harry Maguire and left-back Luke Shaw were both ‘heavily involved’ in the uprising, bringing it all the way to ‘the very top’ and in effect confronting Woodward.

Their support seems to have done the trick, as the club are now in the process of retiring from competition and Ed Woodward has stepped down from his powerful role at the club, per Athletic.

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News of United’s impending withdrawal from the rotten plans came shortly after it was announced that Chelsea were exiting, while Man City and Atletico Madrid are also set to exit.

While the right decisions seem to have been made after all, the decision-makers at the founding clubs cannot and should never be forgiven for this greedy idea that goes against everything football has to do with it.