Twitter removes india’s distorted map, that shows Kashmir and ladakh as seperate country | Twitter pulls out wrong map of India, fears move by Center


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New Delhi: Twitter has removed a false map of India amid controversy. Earlier, the map posted on the Twitter page did not show Jammu and Kashmir or Ladakh. These were shown as a separate country. This led to huge protests. The Union IT Ministry had said it would look into the matter. It was in this context that Twitter decided to withdraw the erroneous map.


The controversial move comes at a time when the center has been at loggerheads with Twitter. The Center has decided to take stern action against Twitter in this regard. Earlier, Twitter’s grievance officer resigned and a foreigner was brought in to replace him. The Center was provoked by issues such as Twitter’s reluctance to implement the IT Act.

Earlier, the Union IT minister’s account was locked on Twitter for an hour. Twitter, meanwhile, said it was wrong about the map. Twitter said it would look into the error. This is the second time that Twitter has misrepresented the map of India. An earlier published map showed Leh as part of China. This was also a big controversy. Twitter, meanwhile, says it can implement India’s new IT law, but it may be too late to fully implement it.

Twitter says the law is a violation of their privacy policy. Meanwhile, social media companies, including Facebook, have enforced the law. There are indications that the US may intervene as the central government continues to clash with Twitter.

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twitter removes india’s distorted map, that shows kashmir and ladakh as seperate country

Story first published: Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 0:21 [IST]