Tv exposure in toddlers not to blame for attention problems: study

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Washington [US], April 4 (ANI): A new study contradicts previous research that claimed to show a direct link between screen time and attention problems in children.

The full review published in the journal Psychological Science.
“The conclusions of the original study, upon further examination, are not confirmed. We found that there is still no evidence that television, by itself, causes ADHD or any kind of problems. attention in young children, ”said Wallace E. Dixon, Jr., professor of psychology and department head at East Tennessee State University and co-author of the study.
“Our research also tells us that it is important to be skeptical of overwhelming findings that come in the form of ‘something everyone else does that is harming our children.’ Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, ”he added.
Dixon added that what turns his team on about the research is that “we can lessen the blame or guilt on parents for letting their children watch TV when they are very young.”
The recently reported research involved looking at the same data as the 2004 study and using multiverse analyzes – a technique that involves asking a research question in hundreds of different ways to determine if the answers are similar each time. .
This method was used to create 848 analyzes to determine if watching television early causes attention problems later. A large majority of the results showed no connection between the two. The few that did, the authors say, reflect some quirks in the dataset that aren’t likely to represent the real world. (ANI)