Tv C Fence For Organic Lifeline: Nattu Visesham

Chalakudy: Firefighters and civil defense personnel Nattan Kadavu, Veliyathu Kadavu, Poo Part of Chalakudy River Conservation at Thiri Kadavu and Ambalakadavu I planted bamboo shoots here.

Chalakudy Fire and Rescue Assoc. Station Officer F.K. Padmasambhava inaugurated the function. Dr. RLV Rama Krishnan presided over the function. Forests of Forests and Forests are a disaster for the forest. The importance of them was also explained in it.

Ward Member Dipudinesh, Civil De Fence Co-ordinator Shine Jose . Raghu Master also graced the occasion.Post Warden Vijith Vijayan, Dep. TT Post Warden Ajith and members of the Civil Defense led the procession.