Turtle Rock Advances Zombie Shooting With Back 4 Blood

Despite its similarities to Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood seeks to revolutionize the zombie shooter experience

It was hard not to compare Back 4 Blood at Left for dead. Beyond similar naming schemes, they are both cooperative zombie shooters with multiple similarities. Even watch Back 4 BloodThe gameplay revealed by this latest Game Awards show makes it easy to compare. However, in a new video developer, Turtle Rock explains his vision Back 4 Blood and how the title will advance the zombie shooter genre.

While Back 4 Blood will still have players fill the shoes of one of the four survivors, they aren’t as rag-tagged as Left for dead‘s. Instead of appearing to come from all walks of life, this group is experienced when it comes to blasting zombies to pieces. They’ve been living in the infected world for a year and are either tough enough not to fear the living dead or immune to their virus. In terms of gameplay, this experience manifests itself in stronger player characters armed with better weapons.

To balance this out though, Back 4 Blood also has stronger enemies. The game imitates Left for deadzombie system, including special common and mutated zombies. However, there is a greater variety of undead in Back 4 Blood. Along with Boomer, Hunter, and Charger clones, there is also a huge mutated zombie called Ogre in the game. Although this special enemy may appear to be a clone of Left for dead‘s tank, this enemy looks much more threatening. He towers over mobs of undead and can tear the environment apart in his pursuit of players.

But the last big gameplay change that Turtle Rock is using to advance the zombie killing experience has to do with replayability. The game has what is called a “game director” who monitors the players during a campaign. Looking at players’ health, ammo, and weapons, he then choreographs new encounters. With this technique, Back 4 Blood Supposedly guarantees that there will be no slowdown moment during a campaign.

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