Turncoat Suvendu could get a job at India News cabinet

KOLKATA: Suvendu Adhikari, who joined the BJP since the Trinamool Congress less than a month ago, is likely to be appointed president of the Jute Corporation of India (JCI), under which he will enjoy ministerial status. He received category Z security even before joining the saffron festival.
As the central government researched his biological data, sources close to development said his appointment would likely take place in January. Before changing sides, Suvendu had long been a minister in the government of West Bengal.
While Suvendu could not be contacted, BJP Bengal Vice President Raju Banerjee said: “This is good news for the state. Many farmers depend on the cultivation of jute in Bengal … He will have an important portfolio for the state. ”
JCI was established in 1971 for the sole purpose of helping farmers obtain the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their products. As a result, he intervened when farmers faced difficulties in obtaining PSM. Based in Kolkata, JCI has played a key role in the cultivation of jute in nearly 17 districts of Bengal.
Sources close to the development have indicated that Suvendu’s appointment comes at a time when JCI is a phase of transformation. He has already introduced geo-mapping of jute growing areas with the help of Isro. It also introduced an electronic booklet for farmers to cut out middlemen.
“The myth that newcomers do not get a prominent place in the BJP will now be shattered,” said Anupam Hazra, national secretary of the BJP.