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In the original FF7, Yuffie was an optional companion that had little effect on the story. Now, in this upcoming DLC, all eyes are on her and her quest.

Fans of Final Fantasy VII remake are buzzing again after the announcement of additional content coming to enjoy. Square Enix recently released a trailer for a story DLC called Intergrade, which focuses on another group of heroes during the main game, led by Yuffie Kisagari. The DLC will be released with a photo mode mechanic for the base game, a Battle Royale game for iOS and Android devices called The first soldier, and a faithful remaster of the original Final Fantasy VII for iOS and Android called Ever Crisis.

In the original version Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie is one of two optional characters that can join the player’s party. As such, she had little to no impact on the game’s main storyline. Since she is now the main playable character of Intergrade, it looks like Square Enix intends to give him a bigger role for the next Repeat part 2.

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The story so far

As the trailer shows, Yuffie explains that she is a member of the Special Forces of Wutai, a great nation rivaling Midgar and the Shinra Corporation. She traveled to Midgar to steal a powerful Materia from the Shinra for her homeland of Wutai. To accomplish its mission, it allies itself with the avalanche resistance movement. Yuffie is joined by Sonon, an elite member of Avalanche who owns a large staff. However, this appears to be a different cell as they don’t take the opportunity to speak with Barrett or Tifa after they return from the destruction of the second Mako Reactor. Whether or not their paths cross before or during the events of Part 2 is unknown.

One final clip at the end of the trailer teases the appearance of Weiss the Immaculate from Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, a third-person shooter 3 years after the events of FF7. Weiss is the leader of Deepground, a SOLDIER faction Shinra developed in a secret lab deep below their headquarters. The meteor that destroyed Midgar trapped them below, but in Cerberus’ funeral song, they escape, attack the surface and become the main antagonists of the game. It is likely that Intergrade Players will explore the Deepground facility and will have to fight these experimental SOLDIERS, including Weiss.

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Intergrade appears to have much of the same traversal, loot, and combat mechanics as the base game. Yuffie’s primary weapon is a large shuriken which she can use in melee or ranged by throwing it at enemies. This allows him to break open crates from normally inaccessible areas on the map. He’s a very nimble opponent, able to run and jump almost as high as Cloud. The trailer also gave a glimpse of a new boss for players to face, a giant robotic caterpillar. Yuffie and Sonon look a lot more coordinated than Clouds party in the base game, as we see Yuffie can repeatedly engage in team attacks with Sonon. She can use Sonon’s staff to lift her up, allowing her to do an aerial attack. This coordination even includes a special breaking limit attack.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is slated to launch on June 10 this year for $ 69.99 on PlayStation 5. Players who have already purchased a PS4 copy of the game will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free, but will still need to purchase Intergrade separately. To enjoy this additional content, players will eventually need to upgrade to PS5 as the Yuffie Story DLC will not be available on PS4.

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