TP’s number will still be heard; KK Rema made the official phone

TP’s number will now be in use as the official number of KK Rama MLA

Vadakara: +919447933040, At least a few people will be familiar with this number when they read it. This is the phone number of the communist leader TP Chandrasekharan. People close to him say he was assured of help whenever he called. You will still hear this number call. His wife and Vadakara MLA KK Rema will be there to reply.

TP’s number will now be in use as the official number of KK Rema MLA. Rema made the announcement on Facebook. “+919447933040 This is the official number of the MLA‌. At least some who hear this may remember this number. This is the number used by Comrade TP Chandrasekharan till the last day. This number is becoming active again, ”Rema said in a Facebook post.

“As you know, I am moving forward from where TP fell, as I have been a TP’s life comrade since I was a student, having been active at the national level. Until May 4, 2012, people were constantly calling for various public needs, and we can hear each other on that number that Comrade TP heard from the people, ”Rema said.

‘This is the victory of Comrade TP Chandrasekharan’, said KK, who won the Vadakara Assembly election. This is the response of Rema on the day of the announcement of results. Later, on the day of swearing in, Rema came to the house wearing a badge with TP’s picture on it. TP’s wife is adding his memories with each step forward.

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