Tottenham: Jose Mourinho criticized by Peter Schmeichel after Dinamo Zagreb defeat

Jose Mourinho suffered one of the worst nights of his managerial career on Thursday as Tottenham were sent off from the Europa League following a shock 3-0 loss outside Dinamo Zagreb.

Spurs were leading 2-0 on aggregate heading into the second leg of the last 16 games but surrendered in Croatia.

The impressive Mislav Orsic sent the tie in overtime with two goals in the second half before ending his treble in the 106th minute.

Mourinho apologized to Tottenham after the match, although a growing number of supporters appear to be rapidly losing faith in the experienced Portuguese coach who replaced Mauricio Pochettino in November 2019.

“I am disappointed with the difference in attitude between one team and the other,” said Mourinho, as quoted by The Guardian After the game. “I’m sorry that my team – I belong to this team – is the team that has not brought to the game not only the basics of football but, I believe, the basics of life, which is to respect our work. and to give. all.


“I don’t need external criticism because I feel deeply hurt by what happened with my team. I don’t want to say much more. On behalf of my team, although some of them may not share my feelings and emotions, I can only apologize to the Tottenham fans.

Mourinho also took the time to visit the Dinamo dressing room after the game. Images posted on social media showed the 58-year-old applauding local players for their deserved victory.

However, the old Manchester United Goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel was not impressed with Mourinho’s post-match actions.

Talk live CBS SportsSchmeichel said he would be “seriously upset” if he was one of Mourinho’s players and saw footage of his boss visiting the opponents’ dressing room so soon after the final whistle.

The Dane, 57, believes it was all a social media show and claims Sir Alex Ferguson would never have reacted in this way to such a humiliating loss.

“If he was my manager after the game and I was a part of what happened there, I would be seriously upset as a player,” said the legendary goalkeeper.

“For me he has to go back to his own locker room and do whatever a manager does behind closed doors.


“For me, he plays on social networks. He detaches himself from the event. He should be in the locker room talking to his players and making sure they understand that what just happened is unacceptable.

“You * never * saw Alex Ferguson do that. He would have done whatever he had to do in his own camp – and then he would have paid homage [to the opponent].

“It’s right after the game. I wouldn’t have liked that.

Watch Schmeichel detonate Mourinho here …

Mourinho and his players will now be under heavy pressure to bounce back with a win at Aston Villa on Sunday night.

Following back-to-back defeats to fierce rivals Arsenal and now Dinamo Zagreb, another loss ahead of the international break would leave serious question marks over the Tottenham manager’s future.

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